Polygon Comedy at MilkBoy

Polygon Comedy at MilkBoy

Tue, May 15, 2012

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Rosen & Milkshake
Rosen & Milkshake
Rosen & Milkshake most often present one moment, based on a suggestion, in which the characters will unwittingly make self destructive choices as their situation snowballs into chaos. The show is game-heavy and it is characterized by stichomythic dialog, multiple ghost characters, and acute absurdities.
Disaster has struck a ship hosting a high school reunion at sea. A small handful of survivors have made it onto a life raft and find themselves adrift with no supplies and no land in sight. Taking place over the course of several days at sea, the show launches forward from a single suggestion and gives the audience a comedic glimpse at the survivors and their regressing states of mind. Featuring a rotating cast of improvisers, the show is a comedically raw exploration of characters and relationships that rise or break in the face of such extreme circumstances.
Adrift is:
Matt Nelson
Rick Horner
Katie Monaco
Andrew Stanton
Marc Reber
Becca Trabin
Mike Hochman
Rintersplit (winter with an "R", split like a log) is a fots of lun bass ackwards comedy improv group. Cooked up in 2010 from the Incubator in Philadelphia, Rintersplit is made up of Matt Akana, Joe Gates, and Marc Reber. Rintersplit is coached by Rick Horner. Watch as they perform their homegrown form "The Split" with their made up splintered wit.
Matt Akana has been performing improv on and off since 2005. Originally from San Francisco, Matt has performed longform in Deez Assulted Nutz, Atomic Shlongform, and hoboFish in the SF Bay Area. Lab researcher by day, Matt brings his gangly nerd expertise and miming skills to Rintersplit.
Joe Gates is a countryside lad who is well-versed in literature and drama, looks like a jock, sings like an opera singer and dresses like a rock star. Joe’s first foray into improv was while he was studying at Washington College in Maryland. With a B.A. in Drama in hand, he moved to Philadelphia in 2007, where he found himself mixed up in the hijinks of the folks at Improv Incubator and took long form classes with PHIT. He is endlessly pleased to be a part of Rintersplit. By day Joe is a consultant for a small charitable foundation and at night, writes gothic horror on the sly.
After suffering from a tragic overdose of reality in 2006, Marc Reber fell into improv and has been doing it ever since. Marc's training comes from the ComedySportz and Philadelphia Improv Theater (PHIT) schools of Improv, with a good dose of Incubator to boot. Rintersplit is the culmination of Marc being "that guy" who always made bad jokes in order to get your intention, and finally figured out a legitimate way to do it.
Apocalips is an all-female, long-form, improv group that hails from the fine city of Philadelphia. Formed in December of 2011, Apocalips have performed a number of comedy showcases around the city, including F. Harold Comedy Festival, Polygon Comedy, Comedian Deconstruction, and The SideShow. A high-energy team of funny ladies with backgrounds in stand-up, storytelling, and everything in between - Apocalips aims to break boundaries and put the "fun" in to funny!

Karen Coleman
Jen Curcio
Mandy Dollar
Cara Schmidt
Lizzie Spellman
Becca Trabin
Venue Information:
MilkBoy Philly
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107