New Sweden

New Sweden

GRiZ, Black Horse Motel, Geron Hoy

Fri, December 21, 2012

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

New Sweden
New Sweden
New Sweden has been sharing their unique flavor of Americana, Folk, and Indie Rock with the greater Philadelphia region since forming in late 2009. The 6-piece outfit molds their sound using a blend of traditional folk instruments (violin, banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin, pump organ, bass, percussion) with a modern twist, all backed by energetic live performances. The lyrics are sincere, complex, and powerful; sure to speak to any listener willing to lend an ear.

So far it's been a great ride for New Sweden; the recording and release of their first studio record, “The Mountain” (Recording Engineer Nick DiDia, Producer Ritchie Rubini) stands out as an exciting milestone and success to date, but not to be overlooked were: sharing the stage with the likes of The Felice Brothers, Kevin Devine, James McMurty, and all artists at NON-COMM 2011, competing with local Philadelphia bands and ultimately winning the Beta-Hi-Fi Emerging Artist Competition, two TriState Indie Awards for Best Delaware Band and a whole slew of other shows and competitions along the away.

In less than 3 years, New Sweden has built a strong, loyal fan base in the Philadelphia/Wilmington region through relentless live performances and an undeniable connection with all types of audiences. Support for the band has been evident with over 1,000 albums sold independently, packing World Cafe Live at The Queen for “The Mountain” record release party, and consistent growth of followers through Facebook, Twitter and

So what’s in store for the future? New Sweden will continue to support their new release, “The Mountain” through East Coast U.S. tours, local performances, and radio appearances. A new batch of recordings is in the works, and as always, fans can keep an eye out for new online video content and raw New Sweden-produced home studio recordings.
Affectionately known by all who love him as Griz (and currently performing under that pseudonym), Chris Grunwald is a Philadelphia born artist who has been delivering the goods
for more than a decade. Constantly adding to his creative resume, he continues to explore different musical avenues both as a solo performer and with several Philly based bands. Griz'
rustic exterior is embedded with thoughtful honesty and raw affection. His repertoire is a unique collection of songs crafted with an untamed scrutiny of the human experience that leaves an
audience energized and ready to dance. This rocking vibe sets Griz apart from his mates in the local folk scene.

When Griz is playing with his full band, it is the fleshed out manifestation of his songwriting. Accompanied by a rotating cast of accomplished musicans, it brings to life the rock and roll
sounds that Griz hears in his head (along with the voices). They enjoy a fun loving fan base that can often be heard singing along to songs from Plant Life, as well as newer tunes from The
Secret in the Garden.
Black Horse Motel
Black Horse Motel
Since its inception in 2008, Philadelphia-based Americana band Black Horse Motel has managed to conjure up a sound that speaks clearly to its versatility. Drawing on traditional Eastern and Western folk roots, classical training, and an affinity for unifying harmonies, this kindred troupe finds their voice through earthy songs, stories that recount poignantly the details of their inspiration. The foundation, the pages upon which these stories find life, is laid by a mélange of instruments (cello, banjo, guitar, viola/violin, percussion, mandolin, melodica) that render this quintet’s sound dexterous, accessible and mercurial.

In 2011, Black Horse Motel began to see the fruits of their doggedness come to bear, highlighted by a second place finish in the Music-a-live! Philly band competition hosted by the Legendary Dobb’s. Performing at many of Philadelphia’s top venues (North Star Bar, Dobb’s, World Cafe Live, The Fire), BHM started to demand the attention of casual fan and industry professional alike.

Looking to build on the momentum of the past year, Black Horse Motel has endured the turbulence of an impactful lineup change, managing to recreate sound and set-list. 2012 promises to be a defining year for the band as it looks to explore uncharted territory, already performing shows in Delaware, Connecticut and New York earlier this year.

With an EP recorded in early April, BHM will get back into the studio at the end of the summer to record its long awaited debut full-length LP.

black horse motel is:
David Richardson – banjo, mandolin, keys, guitar, vocals
Josh Cradic – guitar, vocals
Megan Manning – drums, percussion, melodica, vocals
Desiree Haney – cello, keys, melodica, bells, vocals
Johnell Lawrence – viola, violin
Geron Hoy
Geron Hoy
"Riveting live. Conviction! Big, strong, distinctive voice. The songs are a great example of old school storytelling narrative. Big thumbs up." - Eric Bazilian (Grammy nominated producer & songwriter)
Venue Information:
MilkBoy Philly
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107