Modern Colour

Modern Colour

EREZ, WaveRadio

Thu, March 7, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Modern Colour
Modern Colour
Comprised of frontman, Stephan Sirochman (guitar, vocals), Tom Weir (drums), and Chris Boyle (bass), Modern Colour plays with raw exciting energy like other three piece bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, and Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.These three met through a somewhat strange and random occurrence. Stephan and a friend were walking down the street when they heard a Black Keys song being played outside a house Stephan grew up around. Because of the wailing sounds coming from the street, Stephan stopped and introduced himself to future band mates Tom and Chris.These two had been friends and rocking since college. Stephan was welcomed instantly when the two buddies heard his shredding of the guitar. Ste-Funk on the Axe, Tom-Cat in the drum circle, and Boyle-Boi on the low ends became the lineup. Modern Colour hit the scene in Philadelphia playing with other rock bands, hip hop acts, RnB groups, metal bands, bluegrass groups, singer/songwriters, MC freestyle mama-jama's and just about everyone in between.
Rockin' Blues is a style of music which sounds like Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Keys, James Brown, The White Stripes, and good old blues all mixed into one beautiful thing. This is what will make your soul rock at a Modern Colour show. The originality of this group is the best thing about a genre of music which some consider too easy and unable to make a comeback.
EREZ’s LP-Era Rock music combines the elegant intensity of Classic Rock with the rich lyrical tradition of singer-songwriters. With just two guitars, bass and drums the band presents a charged experience, including a rhythm section that’ll keep you on your toes and guitar work that’ll send you straight back to rock's greats.

Weaned on and influenced by iconic, culture-shaping icons like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Mark Knopfler, EREZ brings a fresh power and excitement to the classic organic spirit of rock and roll. EREZ and The End embody the spirit of looking ahead while harkening back to an era long before synths and laptops took over (on stage and in studios) and there were heartfelt melodies and lyrics that evoked thought, memory and emotion. In the studio - the band takes a refreshing old-school all-analog approach, committing the songs to tape without using any computers in the recording or mixing process. This enables them to keep the warm, natural sound of the instruments and capture that potent moment of time.

“I believe that everything we do is an extension of who we are,” says EREZ. “Music enables me to convey things that I needed to say but couldn’t any other way. I don’t write because it's a career choice. I don’t try to squeeze water out of a wet cloth and turn it into a song. I don’t deliberately soak that cloth in water so I’ll be able to produce a song. Only when that cloth gets soaked with the water of living, experiencing and hurting, does that water start dripping down, forming songs. It’s not a matter of choice. It’s a necessity, a natural process. Ultimately though, the music can never capture the truth, like the lake can never capture the sky. The music can only reflect it. And if it does so in the purest way, it has the ability to touch and change things in me and in other people.”
WaveRadio is a captivating and eclectic rock trio with a sound much greater than the sum of its parts. Thunderous grooves, suspenseful arrangements, and searing riffs lay the ground work for ethereal melodies and captivating hooks.

The band recently celebrated the release of it's self-titled debut EP at The Note in West Chester, PA. They performed an energy charged, forty-five minute set of the songs featured on their EP in addition to a few unreleased songs to a capacity crowd. Enthused by the success of their first major show together, WaveRadio is eager to perform again.

Maybe You Know These Guys:

Cotter, McGetrick and McLaughlin are all based in West Chester, PA where they have performed and recorded professionally in numerous ensembles and bands over the past decade. You may have seen these three out tearing it up in former bands such as Diatribe, Venomous and Monacy.

When McLaughlin and McGetrick aren't jamming with WaveRadio, they can usually be found shredding with their other bands -The Sermon and Ka-Pow!. If McLaughlin is out of town, chances are he's on the road hitting it with the legendary Chubby Checker just about anywhere in North America.

Cotter is also heavily involved in the West Chester and Philadelphia music scenes. He spends much of his time maintaining his record label and production company, TribeSound Records - the studio responsible for the creation of WaveRadio's powerful and introspective self-titled debut EP. At TribeSound, Cotter and McGetrick work tirelessly at recording and producing some of the area's finest talent.
Venue Information:
MilkBoy Philly
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107