*CANCELED* Arms Akimbo + Mike Mains & the Branches
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*CANCELED* Arms Akimbo

Mike Mains & The Branches

The Chairman Dances

Ages 21+
Indie rock double header.

Mike Mains & the Branches

Mike Mains and The Branches is a pop-rock band based in Michigan. Since their conception in 2012, the group has built a reputation for their fantastical instrumentation and unforgettable live performances. Mains began writing songs early in his career between shifts at a casino, which is an apt illustration of Mains perspective on life: it’s a comedy, a tragedy, and a fairytale.

It’s that perspective that laces itself throughout the band’s catalogue, where the songs make you dance while lyrics make you cry. And while the juxtaposition of glitter and gloom should feel confusing, it renders itself joyfully therapeutic. And that’s their goal—particularly in their live shows—to strap you into a rollercoaster you never want to get off of.

Their boisterousness began when founding members Mike and Shannon fell in love, got married, and in doing so, minted the focal experience of the band’s music and lyrics; not just love, but the swirling highs and the bruising lows of choosing to live life together. After releasing an EP and two full-length albums, they chose to partner with Tooth & Nail Records on their latest release. The record, When We Were In Love, is their most honest yet. Although their agenda remains the same—to combat numbness with joy, pain, and wings to fly—this latest pursuit is more of an honest reflection in the struggle to love. The result is an infectious and colorful album full of tragedy, comedy, and the freedom to forget fairytales.

Arms Akimbo

Los Angeles indie group Arms Akimbo (Chris Kalil - vox/guitar, Peter Schrupp - vox/guitar, Matt Sutton - drums and Colin Boppell - vox/bass) gear up for Spring 2020 US tour with Mike Mains & The Branches.

Formed at Loyola Marymount University in LA, the foursome bonded over bands such as Portugal.The Man, Local Natives and Hippo Campus. Releasing a debut EP, Vignettes Arms Akimbo quickly found a fanbase that helped them sell out increasingly larger clubs in their hometown.

A series of singles and 2018’s The Wrong Kind of Dance Party tapped into that post-college-now-wtf vein of hope, insecurity and “fuck it, let’s just enjoy this”. The record stood out for the way it took typical young adulthood issues and held them up against every young person’s nagging fear: That the revolving cycle of parties, relationships and experiences grow ever shorter before one day bursting into the dread of a normal life, settling down, stability and drudgery.

Following that EP, they explored the connection and separation created between us all by technology and social media with their back-to-back singles Virtual and Devil.

Recent praise from Billboard, Culture Collide, Baeble Music and Flaunt followed the release of 2019’s $7 Paycheck EP, but word of mouth is playing an equal part. Ask half of their crowd and “someone told me I had to come see them…” is a common quote. Whatever it is, the band has hit a nerve: That never-ending nagging concern that this time in life is fleeting, that responsibility is knocking hard on the door and you only get one “today” - and need to make the most of it.

Venue Information:
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107