Bent Knee
Bonfire Presents


Something Like A Monument

Ages 21+
Boston-based alternative/indie rock.

Bent Knee

Bent Knee is a band without frontiers. Its borderless sound combines myriad influences from across the rock, pop, minimalist, and avant-garde spectrums into a seamless, thrilling whole. Fiercely innovative, the group bridges the gap between the experimental and the familiar, merging texture and style into music that’s moving, addictive, and unapologetically original.

"Equal parts ingenuity and deliciousness.” -The Wall Street Journal

“Mind boggling. The grandest and subtlest ideas are on the table.” -NPR

"Vicously talented... teemed with color and creativity." -The Boston Globe

Something Like A Monument

Something Like A Monument is a four-piece band from Philadelphia formed in 2012. For fans of artists ranging from Queens of the Stone Age and The Mars Volta to the likes of Sam Cooke and Bill Withers, S.L.A.M. is known for dynamic song writing and pushing the relationship between rhythm and melody.

Venue Information:
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107