Bonfire Presents


Wack Cheddar

Ages 21+
Cycles at MilkBoy.

Cycles epitomize the power-trio format with ripping guitar, fat bass grooves played out through furious slapping, and viciously dynamic drum beats flowing over intricate tempo changes. Each member wields a unique take on their instrument that when played together, forms a truly fresh and cohesive sound. Patrick Harvey commands the guitar with speed and precision reminiscent of Jimmy Herring while using his loop pedal virtually as its own instrument, a skill unique only to him. At the heart of the band lies Tucker McClung’s dominant slap-bass chops that captivates audiences and pumps the musical blood through the band. The recent addition of drummer, Collin O’Brien has brought new fire and life into band. With swift chops, fierce fills and decisive tempo, Collin has only further intensified the already explosive sound that is Cycles.

The current incarnation of the ever-developing sound of Cycles reveals itself today as a speeding freight train of sound and rhythm. Screaming peaks and balanced grooves find their way out of the chaos of a jam while samples ripped from the likes of Madonna, Lil Nas X and many more ring out and grab the unsuspecting audience by surprise, adding to the multicolored blend of sound filling a room and often standing out as comedic elements of the show. Drawing influence from artists such as Rage Against the Machine, J. Dilla, Primus, Weather Report, and many more, Cycles fuse an eclectic blend of genres to produce an original sound that has become harder and harder to find. Although only a few years old, Cycles have over 250 shows under their belt with tours extending across the entire U.S. A heavy touring schedule keeps them on their toes while providing the inspiration to continue to write and always strive to play better. Look out for their name soon on a festival schedule in your hands or a club marquee playing with your favorite bands.

Fusing together core genres like rock, pop, jazz and funk, Wack Cheddar encapsulates the essence of a big band that packs a punch. The 6-piece, entirely instrumental group includes John Venezia (Drums/Composition/Production), Sam Riessen (Guitar), Phil Anthony (Electric Bass), Nick Lombardelli (Trombone/Keys), Anthony Nigro (Alto Sax), and Joe Lockwood (Trumpet). Based in Philadelphia, PA, Wack Cheddar plays often in the tri-state area; from sweaty, dark basements to festivals and stages, they always know how to bring the party. ��

Driven by a dynamo horn section, while also holding the beat steady with a lively, hard-hitting rhythm section, Wack Cheddar brings their music to life right in front of your eyes. Each of the talented musicians brings a tasteful, masterful sound. The band has been busy the last couple of years, playing numerous shows in New York City and Philadelphia. Amassing a fanbase that has a taste for funky, coordinated jazz saturated sound. ��

2019 gave Wack Cheddar the opportunity to release brand new music, lucky for us. Released on July 16th, "Who Cut The Cheese" is the group’s debut EP. A true showcase of hard work and passionate music making, but also never taking itself too seriously, Wack Cheddar solidifies their testimonial to music in this EP. Available on all streaming platforms, "Who Cut The Cheese" rings in a new era for Wack Cheddar, and what they have to offer in the future.

Venue Information:
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107