Rescheduled from 5/1


The Dawn Drapes

Ages 21+
Philadelphia-based sandy psych rock.


The sun is setting and birds are souring amid a summer skyline. Rhythmic waves tremble in the distance. Awake beneath a blurred violet sky, the sandy psych-rock quartet was hitting their stride along the shore. It was August 2017.

HOTBED is a Philadelphia-based psych-rock group that met while attending the University of Delaware. Seen to many as a breath of fresh air, the group portrays a familiar yet newborn form of psychedelic rock. HOTBED's debut LP “Florence” represents their sinuous sound devising elements of rock, pop, and dance. Hear their turbulent guitar riffs, electronic echoes and syncopated rhythms evolve through nine tracks full of invigoration and sincerity. Bold yet vulnerable, gritty yet lustrous; the band plans to take their sound to the next level. Through exuberant live performances the music embodies a way of hedonism exceeding expectations.

Venue Information:
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107