MBappé w/ Jaffna
Bonfire Presents



Ages 21+
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MBAPPÉ ! delivers an incredible blend of Afro Funk Rock : infectious songs and instrumentals are propelled by the iconic voice and grooving bass lines of Cameroun’s Francis M’Bappé (Manu Di Bango, , Fela Kuti, Ashanti Tokoto), the creative palette and biting tone of progressive world fusion guitarist Patrick de Caumette (Richard Bona, Paco Sery, Will Calhoun), and the burning and inspired pulse of Lionel Forester Jr. (Randy Brecker).

A mesmerizing stage performance, and an irresistible call to the dance floor make this show a must-see event you will not want to miss!

Venue Information:
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107