North End, Cold Climb It (members of The Wonder Years, The Sixties)

Bonfire Presents:

North End

Cold Climb It (members of The Wonder Years, The Sixties)

Merit, Peace & The City Grease

Sat, March 18, 2017

7:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

North End
North End
North End began in the summer of 2008 with Russ Daniels on guitar, Kevin Burk on drums, and Marcus Rodriguez on bass. The three had previously been playing in a five-piece hardcore band, Babe Ruthless. That summer the trio began work on what would later be the seven-song EP In Through the Musical Earth. The band worked for the remainder of 2008 writing the EP.

In February 2009 the group went to HeadGear Studios in Brooklyn, New York for the weekend to track the album. Kameron Biehl (keyboardist) first came into the picture working with the band as the sound engineer for the album. A recent graduate of IAR (Institute of Audio Research), Biehl was now working as an intern at HeadGear studios. Having grown up with Daniels and Burk in Reading, PA, as well as collaborating with the two in earlier years made Biehl a good fit to record the effort.

While the album was being mixed (completed in June 2009) the band began the search for an additional guitar player. By mere coincidence, it was at this same time that Peter Willis (guitar) contacted Rodriguez in search of a bassist to start a project. Rodriguez and Willis had both grown up in Montgomery, NJ and were now living 15 minutes apart in Pennsylvania. Being that North End was in the same vain of what Willis was looking for, he joined the group that March.

“(Pete) came in at a perfect time,” said Daniels. “We just started writing our full length when he came on board, making the transition smooth.”

In June 2009 the band began playing shows as a four piece. “We really started to pick up the pace when Pete joined the band, for the first time North End was complete,” said Daniels.

In November 2009 the band re-entered the studios to record their self titled full length North End. They opted to return to HeadGear Studios for their second release.

“Since Kam did such a good job on the first record, we decided to do the identical thing for the full length,” said Daniels.

This time around however, it was decided to utilize Biehl’s musical skill more thoroughly on the recording. On North End Biehl can be heard playing everything from keyboard to cello and manipulating sound with digital effects. After discussions with the band Biehl agreed to join as a full-time member of the band. He still maintains a studio and permanent residence in Brooklyn.

North End was release on April 24, 2010. A CD release performance was played at the Note in West Chester, PA.

Update 2011: As the did band with the previous release, while mixing North End they began writing a new album. Initially there was only a plan to write a five-song continuous composition and record it as an EP. However, since the writing process was going well it was decided to go for another full-length.

In February 2011 they returned to HeadGear Studios for a third and final time to record with Biehl at the helm once again. The twelve-song effort titled Atlantica is the stylistically most mature release from the band yet and represents the first time for the band writing as a collaborative force.

Atlantica is slated for release in the summer of 2011.
Cold Climb It (members of The Wonder Years, The Sixties)
Cold Climb It (members of The Wonder Years, The Sixties)
Cold Climb It is a 4 piece alternative rock band from Penllyn, PA - features members of The Wonder Years & The Sixties.
Pop punk from Lansdale, Pennsylvania.
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1100 Chestnut Street
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