The Sea Around Us

Event Cancelled: Due to the effects of the recent storm, this show has been cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase.

The Sea Around Us

Icewater, The Defog

Thu, November 1, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00


This event is 21 and over

The Sea Around Us
The Sea Around Us
The Sea Around Us is a four-piece from Philadelphia that describes their sound as "the sudden blast of sunshine cascading over a snow-capped landscape."
Icewater started as a largely acoustic country 3 piece in fall 2010 before adding drummer noah hecht in the summer of 2011, evolving into an electric band and interweaving elements of psychedelia and garage rock. the band plays all over new york and toured across the country in the spring of 2012. icewater's latest offering is a 3 song package titled "wade in the water". the song "goldmine" was recorded and produced by friend and inspiration to the band, philadelphia's lux perpetua. the other 2 tracks, "fabric" and "my land", were recorded and mixed by icewater and mastered by new friend zeljko mcmullen.
The Defog
The Defog
After these long-time friends refined their song writing abilities, they self-produced two EP's in 1999 that led to a brief stint of shows in early 2000. Feeling confident with their sound, but still unsatisfied with their recorded content, the band decided to return to the studio. The next year of recording would be strenuous, but fruitful. With the release of their debut LP Dying in Crosswalks in 2002, a weight had been lifted. The song Dewey Decimal was licensed to Shuteye Records for their Buzzlighter compilation, which had radio play on hundreds of college stations. This fueled the band in their future endeavors as it attracted new listeners.
In 2003, one could find The Defog at any number of venues throughout Philadelphia. Throughout 2004, the band broadened their horizons by extending their playing grounds into New York City and New Jersey. Later that year, the band quickly recorded a 4 song demo called Sounds from the Stars. The band's shift in focus towards gaining additional regional and national interest through this demo was an overall success. The Defog was selected as a finalist in Billboard's Independent Music World Series, had television spots of their song "Downstream" on MTV shows The Real World and Meet The Barkers, and had the demo in the running for 5 Grammy Nominations.
Having achieved everything they hoped possible from a demo, the band returned to their home studio in 2005 for the next year to archive what would eventually become known as Ebb and Flow. This album opened doors to a more eclectic fan base while still demonstrating to their current fans that their versatility could keep things exciting. The album landed them a gig on MTV's TRL during an unsigned act segment called "On Your Radar".
Excited with their new material and excellent live response, in June of 2008 the band returned back to their studio to record Light Bright. A departure from the sound of their previous album, Light Bright set out to capture a set of more energetic and light-hearted songs. It is the bands most current work to date.

"Known for their inspiring live performance, the band entices their audience with a vivid emotional audio-visual experience that any music aficionado should check out. - Harrisburg Online
Venue Information:
1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107