Los Master Plus, El Malito

Bonfire and Tropicalismo Present:

Los Master Plus

El Malito


Sat, May 24, 2014

8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Los Master Plus
Los Master Plus
With their suave Latin-lover antics, contagiously catchy covers, and original amalgamations of cumbiatrónica with norteña, you get an irresistible force to be reckoned with. If you know a thing or two about Latin alternative music, surely by now you must have heard of Los Master Plus. Just about two years since their Internet music video debut, “Sexo en Fuego,” the Guadalajara-based duo instantly became a YouTube viral sensation, gaining over a million plus views, and all before the release of their upcoming full-length freshman album in 2014. With their newly found Internet fame, and winning over fans via their live shows, El Comanche and Larry Mon soon began paving new ways for remaking famous pop songs into unique modern norteña hits, consequently reaching international attention. They’ve indeed become one of the most promising young contemporary banda groups of today.

Rumored to make even repressed nuns get up and dance, this duo of mischievous horn dog cumbieros, El Comanche y Larry Mon, make all the spring chickens fluff feathers and hatch eggs with their quacked-out sound. Whether it’s setting the dance floor on fire with their tom-knocking boots or burning retinas with their insane banda shirts, these goofball performers have been touring the Southwest and México making all the ladies melt and some mustache-fiending homeboys hot-to-trot as well. If they’re aren’t taking swan dives on stage or long trips to the beach for equal measure, you’re sure to find these two filming delicious little music videos capturing their singular clown-act cumbia with no qualms about tact.

Raíces: Guanatos. Sounds like: Cumbia, Roger Rabbit style. You should listen to Los Master Plus because…you not-so-secretly always had a thing for those in-vogue hipster stashes all them ranchero cousins’ cousins always sported.
El Malito
El Malito
el malito's alternarican music is the sound of the 33rd Century.This genre-mixing urbano pop artist has been building a solid fan base with his party-conscious lyrics while verbally juggling English & Spanish over top of big 808 bass beats! With the help of super producers Aaron Luis Levinson aka The Kosherican (Grammy-winning Salsa Dura Producer) and Starkey (US/UK Street Bass Superstar) el malito rides the crest of the super wave to the future. For those whose musical palates are familiar with 90's Hip-Hop samples, jazz riffs, reggaeton dembows, dubstep, mambo futuro, afro-beats, electro bleeps, southern fried bass... Esto es para ti!
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1100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107